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Aesthetic Medicine - Botox - Cutera Lasers (Titan & TruSculpt ID) - Fillers - Chemical Peels
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Anti- wrinkle injections (Botulinum Toxin)

Gummy Smiles Corrections

Nasal Tip Ptosis Correction

“Bunny Lines” Removal

Perioral rhytides Correction

Skinboosters (Revitalization)

Dermal Fillers

Tear-trough Treatment

Lip Fillers

Zygomatic Arch Fillers

Chin Augmentation

Dr. Cyj Hair Revitalizing Filler

CUTERA- TITAN - Skin Tightening and Skin Lifting
Infrared Laser

TITAN - Medical Aesthetical Mandibular Arch Lift

TITAN - Medical Aesthetical Neck Lift TITAN -
Medical Aesthetical Brow Lift

CUTERA-XEO- Cool Glide Treatment of Laser Genesis

CUTERA-XEO- Epilation Facial Hair Treatment

CUTERA- TRU-SCULPT ID Double Chin Treatment

STORZ- Acoustic Wave Therapy


TRU-SCULPT ID  Fat Reduction and Body Sculpting

CUTERA- TITAN- Skin Tightening and Skin Lifting

Infrared Laser Medical Aesthetical Arm Lift

Medical Aesthetical Neck Lift

Medical Aesthetical Tummy Lift Décolleté
Rejuvenation Hand Rejuvenation

CUTERA- XEO - Cool-Glide Vein Therapy for the
body Laser

CUTERA- XEO -Cool-Glide Onycomycosis Laser

Treatment Hyperhydrosis Treatment with Botulinum
Toxin Type A

CUTERA-XEO- Limelight Treatment for Dyschromias,
Telengectasias and Photodamage on Décolleté and

CUTERA-XEO- Acutip 500 Treatment for Cherry

CUTERA-XEO- Cool Glide Laser Genesis Treatment
for Décolleté Redness and Couperose.

CUTERA-XEO- Pro-Wave Epilation Body Treatment

STORZ  Acoustic Wave Therapy


Chemical Peels

Acne Treatments

TITAN by CUTERA Skin Tightening and Skin Lifting

Infrared Laser - Face and Body

CUTERA- XEO -Cool-Glide
3-D Rejuvenation


Skin Hydration and Revitalization
Advanced Medical Aesthetics
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